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Set up an Effective Cloud CRM Software System for Your Franchisees, with the Help of Franchise Cloud Solutions

CRM, or customer relationship management, is vital to the success of any business. Companies spend a lot of money on flashy marketing and promotion campaigns each year, with the goal of winning over new leads and converting them into customers. Once that conversion happens, though, things get arguably even more difficult. Now, you have the responsibility of making sure that customer is satisfied and giving them a reason to return in the future.

To manage this side of things, many businesses have turned to cloud CRM solutions.

Why Businesses Need Cloud CRM Software

There are a few reasons that many businesses in the B2B and B2C spaces have turned to cloud CRM systems to manage their customer relationships. First off, these systems help track everything in one place. Customer interactions and touchpoints; jobs and projects; estimates and invoices; communications; etc. A quality piece of cloud CRM software should provide a near-comprehensive view of a customer. That way, when someone within an organisation goes to help a customer in the future, they can see that customer’s history with the company and help them more effectively.

Probably the second biggest reason that cloud CRM solutions are in vogue is accessibility. When everything is in the cloud, the information about your customer or client accounts isn’t just on one computer or device. Instead, it’s accessible from anywhere, via any device, through the cloud. This accessibility makes it easier for anyone from your company to handle customer interactions in a satisfactory manner.

Effective Customer Relationship Management for Franchises

With franchise businesses, CRM can often be more of a challenge—not because the idea of customer relationship management is fundamentally different, but because the franchisee/franchisor relationship complicates matters. The franchisee will obviously want to manage its own customer relationships, but the franchisor might want to monitor them as well. In certain situations, the franchisor might even wish to step in and interact with the customer or client directly.

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, our goal was to make these things possible. We wanted to create a cloud CRM software that offered the usual benefits of cloud CRM solutions while also meeting the needs of franchisors and franchisees.

Our software is the achievement of that goal. On the one hand, our system delivers the benefits any business would expect from a cloud CRM program. We built our software on Salesforce, which is arguably the world’s biggest name in CRM software. However, we also added specific features with franchises in mind.

For instance, when prospective customers or clients send enquiries to your franchise website, our software can automatically allocate those leads to eligible franchisees. During the job, as franchisees track customer interactions, project dates, progress and more, franchisors can monitor that information via the cloud. When customers leave feedback, franchisors can view that information and use it to track franchisee performance.

In other words, Franchise Cloud Solutions is both a franchisee management solution (for franchisors) and a cloud CRM solution (for franchisees). Providing both these services in one ensures peak productivity, efficiency, and performance. Learn more by calling Franchise Cloud Solutions on 1800 227 881.

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