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When you’re building a franchise business one of the most important keys to success is making sure that you handle all the elements of your relationship with your franchisees correctly including training, territory management, compliance issues, etc. In the past, this often meant that you had to use different kinds of software for each aspect of your interaction with your franchisees. If you’re looking for CRM software that combines all these different tasks into one CRM system to take your business to the next level, you need to talk to Franchise Cloud Solutions.

Designed by Brendan Green, well known for his Hire A Hubby franchise, our software provides an end-to-end solution on a single platform. It’s a system built by someone who knows and understands the needs of franchisors. It centralises all your most important information in one place and makes it much easier for you to handle and manage all needed transactions. It encourages a more robust recruitment process and helps provide better quality leads on possible franchisees. We are a Salesforce partner — by building our cloud-based platform on Salesforce, Franchise Cloud Solutions can be accessed day or night on any tablet, computer, or smartphone. You’ll have access to your information and essential data whenever and wherever you need it. When you’re looking for cloud-based CRM solutions to help grow your business, we can help.

A CRM program that really works

Our CRM program helps you manage all aspects of your relationship with your franchisees. You can better manage the training of new franchisees by helping keep a current catalogue of training courses that they can use to get up to speed. You can track their attendance and their performance and utilise activity lists to ensure they are actively engaged in learning about your franchise.

Managing territory can also be a headache. Our software helps you better manage where to place new franchisees and what territory they should cover. It will also help you better manage how they change over time as growing or decreased population in some territories can lead to mergers or splits.

Our CRM program gives you a single source of data for all your compliance record keeping. Everything that you send to your franchisees about compliance – such as notes, emails, or documents – are all kept in one place and easy to find.

Great franchisors know that the secret to running a good franchise is the quality of the relationship that you have with your franchisees. They don’t view them as entities who are only there to generate money for them. They see them as partners who are working together to grow their businesses. When you use our system, it makes it easier to maintain those positive relationships and maintain good reliable communications with your franchisees, and monitor their performance so that you can help them grow and prosper.

The end-to-end solution that you need

These are only a few of the things that our end-to-end CRM software can do for you. You no longer need to rely on old systems that don’t provide you with the proper information and don’t work together. Our team of professionals can help you get your system up and running in no time. When you want a solution that answers all your problems contact us today.

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