Customer Relationship Management System

Why Build a Brand-New Software System for Customer Relationship Management? Franchise Cloud Solutions Offers Programs to Suit Franchisors

When you possess a business founded on a strong concept and with growing success, franchising is often the key to unlocking explosive growth. It allows business owners to take a proven idea and share it with others, building towards bigger successes together and sharing in the gains. As the franchisor, you are the one in the driver’s seat. Franchising is a powerful business model.

Your success in this arena also depends on the relationships you build with your franchisees, and on gathering accurate data. Tracking performance, understanding shifts in the business, and seeking new opportunities are all necessary steps to take. To do so demands a customer relationship management system robust enough for the task.

In the past, the reliance on manual filing or fragmented software systems for recruitment, billing, and compliance meant that this was a challenging undertaking. Today, that no longer needs to be the case. At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we bring a “by franchisors, for franchisors” approach to customer relationship management software. As an official Salesforce partner, we can leverage our own well-developed program alongside extensive customisation abilities to meet diverse needs across the market. As an end-to-end solution, the added convenience and power to control your business is a valuable asset.

Implementing our customer relationship management solutions

Our new solutions grew out of an organic need in a franchised business for a better way to manage relationships and foster productive cooperation. By placing all the most essential tasks in one easy-to-access cloud solution, our customer relationship management program offers many time-saving measures. Lay out roadmaps with milestones for franchisees to follow and maintain excellent records in one location that is easy to access from your phone, your laptop, or even a home computer.

Customer feedback is a critical component in evaluating the performance of your franchisees as well. Our system allows for automation of feedback collection and escalation to higher levels of responsibility as warranted. It not only allows you to check on your franchisees’ efforts and the satisfaction of their customers, but it also provides the opportunity to share this information with them. That can foster an environment where everyone has the tools for success.

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When you can easily review a franchisee’s performance at a glance, or simplify the process of funnelling new leads to their business, their business gains breathing room to grow. Let our services automate many of the time-consuming or confusing tasks that normally consume a franchisor’s time, then refocus your energy where it belongs: on building future growth. Harness the power of the latest customer relationship management solutions to help improve the health of your franchised business. To further explore how our programs can assist your business, submit an online enquiry or give our team a call on 1800 227 881.

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