Franchise Cloud Solutions supports the end-to-end operation of your franchise on a single platform. This provides a single source of truth for your franchise’s  information, shared with employees as required to perform their role. Franchise Cloud Solutions is a Salesforce partner and is hosted on the cloud, available anywhere and anytime on your computer or mobile device.

There are two products available on the Franchise Cloud Solution platform, FranchiseRecruiter and FranchiseOps.


FranchiseRecruiter makes it simple to manage the recruitment of new franchisees. Through leveraging Salesforce, the system enables you to manage all recruitment tasks from capturing a potential franchisee’s initial enquiry through to the finalisation of the disclosure documents and franchise agreement. Benefits include:

Lead acquisition

  • Capture leads from your website, call centre and other sources
  • Track leads against your campaigns to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Qualify your leads through a structured process, capturing additional data and interactions your organisation has with your leads.
  • Nurture your leads until they are ready to take the next investigative step

Sales process and pipeline tracking

  • Enable improved sales team support for a structured sales process to collect data and perform activities at the right time
  • Capture data including financial capability, timeframe to buy, motivation and earning expectations and requirements
  • Track your prospects through your sales process to improve your sales team’s efficiency and visibility of your sales pipeline
  • Track your prospect’s interest in specific territories through to their final territory selection
  • Establish a single location to perform record keeping – notes, interactions and emails with your prospects through the sales process
  • Collect data through the sales process required for the completion of Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents

Sales contract and disclosure documents

  • Capture all the information that forms part of the franchise agreement including legal entity
  • Automate the generation of disclosure documents and franchise agreements in a standardised PDF format
  • Establish a single location to perform record keeping for compliance purposes – notes, interactions, emails and documents sent to your prospects
  • Automate the creation of a profile for the new franchisees containing all the information required to manage the ongoing relationship with the franchisee

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FranchiseOps enables you to manage all your complex franchise operations from the one system. Manage everything from onboarding and job management, through to billing and collecting feedback in the one place.


Manage all franchise operations including franchisee onboarding, training, compliance and territory management. Benefits include:

Franchisee Onboarding

  • Manage the coordination of training and on-boarding of new franchisees through structured workflow rules and activity lists
  • Establish record keeping to know which activities were performed by who and when

Franchisee Training

  • Maintain a catalogue of training courses available for franchisees including course details for both internal and external courses
  • Establish record keeping for course attendance and track each franchisee’s progress through enrollment and assessment activities
  • Manage the training course activities through structured activity lists for training preparation and completion activities

Territory Management

  • Manage your franchise territory definitions to support the selling of new franchises and allocation of jobs based on territory ownership
  • Enable support for the restructure of territories (merge and split) as your territories change over time

Compliance and agreement renewals

  • Ensure key dates are not missed and the dissemination of all compliance documents are issued in accordance with Code guidelines
  • Manage the renewal and cessation processes for franchisees through structured activity lists for the compliance managers and other team members
  • Automate the generation of renewal agreements and notification in a standardised PDF format
  • A single location to perform record keeping for compliance purposes – notes, interactions, emails and documents sent to your prospects

Reports and Dashboards

  • Established comprehensive dashboards to provide an overview of the performance of your franchise

Franchisee Relationship Management

Managing the franchisor and franchisee relationship is essential for success. Through leveraging Salesforce, Franchise Cloud Solutions makes it easy to keep in touch with franchisees, track communications and monitor franchisee performance. Benefits include:

Franchisor management of Franchisees

  • Enable structured planning and recording of key franchisor activities including induction visits, periodic business reviews and structured meetings.
  • Establish record keeping through recording of meeting attendees and apologies, structured notes and structured to-do and follow up activities.

Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys

  • Capture customer feedback and satisfaction surveys from your website, call centre and other sources
  • Automate the allocation and escalation of feedback based on classification and expected outcomes
  • Share insights with your franchisees on their performance

Financial Monitoring *Future release – not MVP

  • Collect franchisee profit and loss information
  • Load franchisee financial targets to enable monthly measurement of budget to actual performance
  • Monitor the financial health of your franchisees against targets and key performance indicators on a weekly or monthly basis

Franchise Billing

Franchise Cloud Solutions makes franchise billing simple through automating the billing process.

Invoicing of Franchisee fees

  • Automate invoice generation of franchisee fees based on the franchisee agreement
  • Calculate royalties in invoices (based on job and point of sale data) and fixed fees
  • Automate the inclusion of expenses into invoice runs
  • Generate PDF invoices to be sent to Franchisees

Job Allocation System

Franchise Cloud Solutions automates the process of allocating jobs, reducing manual handling and saving you time. Benefits include:

Automation of Customer enquiries to Franchisees

  • Capture job enquiries from your website, call centre and other sources
  • Allocation of customer leads to eligible franchisees via job offers through configurable rules including:
    • Franchisee owned and Franchisor owned and unowned territory rules
    • Franchisee preferences – availability and travel distance
    • Compliance status
    • Based on your customer service rules
    • Multi-channel support, including email and SMS

Franchisee Job Management System

Franchise Cloud Solutions simplifies the job management process for franchisees, while providing full transparency to the franchisor. Benefits include:

Customer management

  • Establish a single view of your customer including all franchisee interactions with customers, jobs and invoicing history
  • Real time communication with customers on job status

Manage your job from start to end on a single system

  • Establish detailed job quotes based on the labour and material estimates
  • Enable advanced calendar scheduling for the franchisee and their employees for jobs and other activities
  • Simplify invoicing options to support full and partial invoicing of jobs to customers
  • Facilitate detailed financial analysis of jobs based on cost inputs to track your financial performance

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