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Give Your Franchisees a Better System to Manage Their Services with Service Management Software Program Franchise Cloud Solutions

The advantages of franchising your business are pronounced and plentiful. Being a franchisor opens the door to huge expansion opportunities for your business, provides a quick way to build your brand, delivers considerable royalties and improves your purchasing power—among other things. If there is a drawback to franchising, it’s that you must let go of the wheel and surrender some of the control over your brand. Luckily, with a good service management system in place, you can maintain oversight of your franchisees without micromanaging them.

Franchise Cloud Solutions: Your Source for New Service Management Software

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we recognise that transparency is a franchisor’s best friend. Long before we were building franchise service management solution, we were franchisors ourselves. We’ve seen firsthand how communication and oversight can foster strong franchisor/franchisee relationships. However, we also know that transparency isn’t always easy to attain—especially without taking away the freedom and ownership that often fuel the most successful franchisees.

We designed our service management program with these thoughts in mind. We wanted to build something that made life easier for both franchisors and franchisees. Franchisor software is often useful for one party, but a hassle to the other. We wanted something that would be a boon for the business people on both sides of the equation. The Franchise Cloud Solutions Franchisee Job Management System was built as a result of this drive to create a mutually beneficial piece of service management software.

On the one hand, this program makes it incredibly easy for franchisees to track all interactions with customers—including jobs, quotes, estimates, calendar scheduling, invoices, communications and more. Having all this information in one place makes it much easier for franchisees to manage relationships with customers and clients. In turn, this improved customer relationship management helps turn first-time buyers into repeat customers—something that benefits franchisees and franchisors alike.

On the other hand, the program provides a place in the cloud where franchisors can easily review the goings-on of various franchisees. If you are a franchisor, you can use this service management system to see how your franchisees are doing. You can monitor scheduling, stay up to date on recent projects and invoices, track financial performance and more. This transparency gives you more assurance and peace of mind that your franchisees are doing well and are positive representatives for your brand. If they aren’t, you at least know when it’s time to step in.

Manage Your Franchisees without Micromanagement

Most franchisees don’t mind being transparent about their performance. What they don’t like is being micromanaged by their franchisors. A franchisee likes to feel in control. The reason franchise businesses work is that franchisees feel pride and ownership in their businesses. When the franchisor starts micromanaging, those positive feelings of independence drift away—to the detriment of the whole franchise.

With a service management program from Franchise Cloud Solutions, franchisors can manage their franchisees without micromanaging. The result is a trend towards stronger franchisor-franchisee relationships, which help create success in every other part of the business.

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