Code Of Conduct Compliance Management

Australia has one of the toughest Franchise Regulatory Frameworks anywhere in the world.

As an Australian owned system, FCS brings current day working knowledge of this complex and important element of franchising to our clients with our “Out Of The Box” Compliance Module.

From the moment your Franchise Development/Recruitment Team hand you a new deal, all the key information is already contained in our platform.

Imagine simplistic compliance (if there’s such a thing).

Our Client Onboarding process includes:-

  • Loading your standard Franchise Agreement and schedules into our system
  • Uploads your current Disclosure Documents and Annexures
  • Captures historical franchise ownership information
  • Stores your Franchise Information Statement and Key Facts Sheet
  • Add leases where applicable

All of your standard Communication Templates accompany your legal library to enable all key communications to be driven by our system.

All communications between you and your new partner are date and time stamped from day one. This includes capturing evidence of your compliance emails being opened by the partner.

With record keeping such an important part of franchising, can your business afford not to safeguard itself with a system like this?

And don’t forget the significant cost savings too.

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