Franchise Relationship Management

Quality communication with Franchise Partners is key to the longer term relationship.

Franchise Partners have high expectations of their Support Office and having all of the tools under one roof enables us to provide the highest level of support they rightfully expect.

Imagine a tool that enables you to coordinate all of your Franchise Partner meetings:-

  • Invite all meeting participants from the FCS platform with record keeping to confirm your efforts
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Add documents that form part of your meeting
  • Record attendance
  • Send minutes
  • Assign follow up tasks with deadlines
  • Create Escalation Reports to highlight outstanding items
  • Link all calls and email follow up with your partner and team members against the individual meeting record

Would all of this under one roof change the way you do things?

This process can be deployed across all areas of your business. Examples include:-

  • Annual Business Audits
  • Business Planning & Reviews
  • Compliance Management Assessments
  • Work Health & Safety Checks
  • Renewal Assessment processes

Whatever regular interactions you have with your Franchise Partners, we can automate it.

And it gets better still. Gone are the days of paper based Field Visits and deadlines being missed.

The FCS system support’s instantaneous recording of your meeting actions and outcomes in real time using any connected device.

Capture photos, score performance, assign tasks to team members and franchise partners straight from your tablet.

If you’re ready for Franchise Support 2023 style, then wait no longer.

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