Franchise Recruitment

Rarely has there been a tougher environment for Franchise development than right now. With unemployment and immigration collectively at all-time lows, Franchise Systems can ill-afford not to arm themselves with the best available Recruitment Tools in the sector.

FCS has partnered with Salesforce to provide our clients with access to the World’s Market Leading CRM. Infused into our CRM offering is a Franchise Specific flavour that shows a deep understanding of Franchise Recruitment in line with the regulatory framework (namely the Franchising Code Of Conduct).

Our CRM provides busy Recruiters with easy Mobile access to keep those important notes and tasks up to date anywhere, anytime.

Closing deals has never looked so complete. The FCS product enables the Compliance process to start immediately after confirming your latest recruit, straight off our platform.

Franchise Agreements and Disclosure Documents are housed on our platform ensuring a single source of truth from cradle to grave. Check out our Compliance tab for more information.

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