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The Australian-based team at Franchise Cloud Solutions takes care of all customisation, maintenance, setup, integration and support services, enabling you to maintain your focus on your core business.

Franchise Consulting Services

At Franchise Cloud Solutions (FCS), we offer our clients the unique opportunity to work with a company that are current day, active Franchisors. Combining the senior Management Team from Hire A Hubby (HAH), FCS share the insights that see the HAH business consistently sell in excess of 50 franchises per annum, and provide insights into how the business grows in number year on year.

Mystery Shopping

Do you know what your franchisees are saying about you?

Have you ever lost a franchise sale that you thought was “in the bag”?

FCS will work with you and your team to develop a series of questions that will be posed to exiting franchisees. The process is designed to hear clearly what the current franchisees feel about the service and support they receive, and also gain insights into any other feelings they have to their chosen brand.

We then provide you with written feedback and recommendations where applicable, that enables you to take the feedback constructively, and put remedies into place in the event that you deem the feedback to be fair.

Most importantly, this feedback will shape when and how you choose to invest your hard earned Recruitment Advertising dollars.

Franchise System Document Review

FCS will review your documents from a buyer’s perspective, not that of your lawyers. Franchise candidates typically make up their mind that they like a concept, and it’s the following review whereby we win them or lose them.

Those buying a franchise are always looking at a series of key things when making their final decisions:-

  • Why do I need this franchise? Could I do the same thing myself without the upfront and ongoing fees?
  • Is the offer fair value ie is there enough in the deal for both parties to make money?
  • Are there any hidden fees, or things that may read differently to how they are intended to read?
  • Are there any deterrents in the agreement or disclosure documents?
  • Is there enough in the literature to sell the dream?
  • Are the supporting documents strong enough to consistently sell the Franchisor vision?

The FCS review will provide a written report that provides individual feedback on the areas we believe can add value. This will typically include the initial package being offered to franchisees upon commencement to ensure the value for money question is at the forefront

One of the key things we have seen fro our consulting services so far, is that there are real opportunities to differentiate the value of the franchise. This typically leads to customers recovering their investment in their first recruitment campaign after the initial engagement of FCS.

Recruitment Document Preparation

FCS have a team of professional writers and graphic designers to assist with the all important role of articulating your offer.

After assisting you with the initial review, we take that information and brief the copy team who will then undertake a series of interviews with the Franchisor’s CEO and senior team members.

All of the final product will be used for initial sales prospectus documents, websites, and any other out bound communications with your current leads, and members of your recruitment database in monthly EDMs.

Mapping and Demographic Profiling

FCS have accessed the solution that has been in place at Hire A Hubby since 2006. Providing potential franchisees with quality documentation to help them assess your offer, and also one location versus another, has been the basis for the ongoing recruitment success achieved at Hire Hubby, which sees new recruits exceed 50 per annum in most years.

Whilst a map is an important part of defining a territory based franchise, using meaningful data to support the characteristics of the territory that will make it stand out to a candidate. It also plays a key role in helping advisors understand your offer as well.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Franchise Cloud Solutions has a team of certified Salesforce consultants to assist you with a solution to meet your business’s needs. These services include:

  • Franchise Cloud Solutions provides product installation, setup and training services to fast track the uptake of your new solution
  • Custom Salesforce solutions to extend and/or modify the Franchise Cloud Solutions out of the box offering to your specific franchise needs and process
  • Custom integration between the Franchise Cloud Solutions offering and your existing systems, for example: finance systems already in use
  • General Salesforce consulting and implementation services to provide solutions for your business

Managed Services

In addition to implementation services, Franchise Cloud Solution can provide you with a managed service to administer your solution on an ongoing basis, saving you time and effort in skilling up in-house resources to support the technology. These services include:

  • Administration of users
  • Ad-hoc requests for maintenance, assistance and setup and configuration activities
  • Minor enhancements and support for custom solutions

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Compliance Made Easy

Simple compliance management to meet the Australian Franchise Code Of Conduct

Australian Owned & Operated

Developed by an Australian franchisor with local support from the Australian-based team

Benchmarking Capability

Ability to track and compare the performance of franchisees

Marketing Automation

Automated sales journey for franchisee recruitment

Accounting Integration

Full integration with Xero to provide transparency over franchisee finances

Accessible On All Devices

Ability to access the system from anywhere on your mobile, tablet or desktop

Single Source of Truth For Data

Captures all data in once place to ensure accuracy and minimise duplication


Leverages cloud-based Salesforce software

Real-Time Reporting

Full transparency through live data and enhanced reporting capability

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