Automate Your Repeatable Processes

Franchising is about repetition. Good systems repeat the things that work, and we can’t afford to miss one critical step in each of the functions that supports our Franchise Partners.

When you look through your organisation do you see spreadsheets, disconnected software platforms, communication breakdowns between different teams? It’s a familiar challenge in franchising but not one you need to continue to endure.

FCS has built a Connected Platform. From the time your Franchise Development/Recruitment team and Compliance Team complete the sale and legal elements, the next range of Repeatable Processes commence.

Imagine an Automated Onboarding solution that assigns tasks to Team Members across all areas of the Support Office.

Imagine Automated Escalation of tasks that have been missed when a team member calls in sick or takes leave.

Leave nothing to chance when it comes to a great customer experience for your new Franchise Partner.

With Franchising built around systems and structure, FCS has developed a suite of tools to manage the recurring processes automatically. Examples include:-

  • Onboarding New Partners
  • Store Opening Processes
  • Launch Marketing Programs
  • Field Visit Checklists
  • Business Planning Checklists
  • Renewal Checklists
  • Offboarding Processes

Whatever the Repeatable Process in your business, FCS can automate it for you.

Sick of spreadsheets and multiple logins to multiple programs? Time to contact FCS.

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