Job Management Solution

Are you a mobile service franchise operator constantly on the move? Do you find yourself juggling multiple tasks like driving to customer locations, taking calls, booking future visits, and managing quotes and invoices? The workload never seems to lighten, and as a support office, how can you effectively assist your busy franchisee without proper visibility of their activities?

Introducing our comprehensive Job Management Solution specifically designed for mobile service franchise operators like you. Imagine having a system that empowers your franchisee and streamlines their operations, making their work more efficient and manageable.

With our Job Management Solution, your franchisee can:

  1. Receive New Customer Leads: Say goodbye to missed opportunities. Our system enables franchisees to receive new customer leads instantly via text or email, ensuring prompt follow-up.
  2. Accept or Decline Leads with Ease: Simplify decision-making with a straightforward “Y” or “N” option. Franchisees can respond promptly, saving time and improving customer service.
  3. Schedule Customer Visits: Our online calendar feature allows franchisees to efficiently schedule customer visits, keeping them organised and maximising their productivity.
  4. Prepare and Send Quotes: Generate professional quotes quickly and easily. Franchisees can provide accurate and timely quotes to customers, enhancing their professionalism and increasing conversion rates.
  5. Raise Invoices: Simplify the invoicing process by creating and sending invoices directly from the system. Franchisees can keep track of billing and ensure timely payment collection.
  6. Receipt Payments in Real Time: Say goodbye to manual payment tracking. Our Job Management Solution enables franchisees to record and track payments in real time, ensuring accurate financial records.
  7. Sync with Xero: Seamlessly integrate with Xero, a leading accounting software, to streamline financial management. Franchisees can effortlessly sync their data, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

And the best part? You can monitor and access all of the above in real time. With our system, you gain complete visibility into your franchisees’ activities, allowing you to provide timely support and guidance. Key operational metrics are readily available, empowering you to coach your franchisees with confidence.

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we believe in being the Single Source Of Truth for your franchise operations. Our Job Management Solution is designed to simplify your business processes, enhance productivity, and foster strong franchisee support.

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