Finance Module

The reward for all of the Franchisor Team’s effort to provide high quality support to our Franchise Partners is our monthly fees.

The FCS Finance Module uses the Franchise Agreement Contract record as the basis for generating all Partner invoices.

The system supports:-

  • Fixed fee and percentage fees
  • Automated royalty calculations (see below for more detail)
  • Combines as many fee categories that you need
  • Enables time based billing (some fees may start later than others and some may stop or vary at different intervals)
  • CPI Adjustments

If your business relies on any sector specific software for your Franchise Partners to capture customer spending (POS, Subscriptions) we can use our API connection tools to make this seem less.

Imagine your billing process being completed accurately within minutes.

FCS connects seemlessly with established Finance Platforms like Xero.

Give your Field Support staff all the financial insights they need WITHOUT full access to the company accounting software.

If it’s time to bring billing under the same roof as the rest of your franchise operations, then FCS might just be the answer.

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