Franchise Recruitment CRM Software


Accelerate Franchise Recruitment

Grow your business faster using a world-class franchise recruitment CRM.

Built on the industry-leading Salesforce platform, Franchise Recruitment supports industry best practice recruitment processes.

Franchise Recruitment lowers your cost of sale by

  • applying a strong sales process
  • automating tedious tasks
  • providing a single point of capture for all information
  • generates always up-to-date disclosure documents and contracts.
Acquire and Qualify Leads
  • Acquire leads directly from your website
  • Delegate qualification of leads
  • Identify the most probable prospects
  • Measure marketing effectiveness
Nurture and Develop Sales Opportunities
  • Follow a well-defined sales process
  • Use templates and automation to streamline effort
  • Discover each prospect’s drivers
  • Calculate sales proces metrics
Generate Compliance & Disclosure Documents
  • Generated at a push of the button
  • Always up-to-date 365 days of the year
  • Reduce labour and increase responsiveness
  • Meets Franchising Code of Conduct obligations

More Franchise Recruitment Features

Focus your effort by targeting the most probable candidates

  • Automated and customisable responses to web inquiries
  • Capture leads from website, call centre and other sources
  • Track leads against campaigns to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Qualify, develop and nurture leads into opportunities through a structured process
  • Re-market to your database to re-engage existing leads

Sales process and pipeline tracking

  • Recruitment process and pipeline tracking
  • Ensure end-to-end traceability of the recruitment journey
  • Use a structured recruitment process to collect data and perform actions at the right time
  • Ready-to-use franchisee interview template
  • Candidate financial assessment module
  • Capture key motivations for purchase, earning expectations and requirements
  • Improve your recruitment team’s efficiency by tracking prospects through your recruitment process
  • Track your prospect’s interest in specific territories/locations through to final territory selection
  • Arm your recruitment representatives with up-to-date information about territories, products and prices
  • Establish a single location for keeping of notes, interactions and emails

Automate tedious and error-prone document generation tasks

  • Franchise agreement document generation
  • Collect all data necessary to generate agreements and disclosure documents
  • Automated disclosure document generation tool +
  • Easily demonstrate compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Use DocuSign eSignature for end-to-end electronic contract workflow ++

+ Automatically kept up-to-date when used in conjunction with Franchise Ops.
++ Optional

Track the history of each and every territory in your portfolio

  • Territory module with multiple price points and classifications
  • Track and manage the productivity of each territory
  • Manage territory definitions to support sales of new franchisees

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