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  • Franchise Recruiter
  • Franchise Ops
  • Franchise Finance


Franchise Recruiter

Accelerate Franchise Recruitment through a Proven Method and World-Class System Support

How Franchise Recruiter Accelerates Franchise Recruitment

  • Focuses and Elevates Recruitment Performance
  • Acquires and Nurtures Leads
  • Best-in-class Sales Automation
  • Automates Franchise Agreement & Disclosure Document Generation
  • Supports Digital Contract Definition & Signatures

Lead acquisition

  • Capture leads from website, call centre and other sources
  • Track leads against campaigns to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Qualify, develop and nurture leads into opportunities through a structured process
  • Re-market to your database to re-engage existing leads

Sales process and pipeline tracking

  • Ensure end-to-end traceability of the recruitment journey
  • Use a structured recruitment process to collect data and perform actions at the right time
  • Capture key motivations for purchase, earning expectations and requirements
  • Improve your recruitment team’s efficiency by tracking prospects through your recruitment process
  • Track your prospect’s interest in specific territories/locations through to final territory selection
  • Arm your recruitment representatives with up-to-date information about territories, products and prices
  • Establish a single location for record-keeping of notes, interactions and emails

Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Documents

  • Collect all data necessary to generate agreements and disclosure documents
  • Automate generation of disclosure documents and franchise agreements in a standard PDF format
  • Create the entire Disclosure Document at the touch of a button
  • Easily demonstrate compliance to the Franchising Code of Conduct
  • Automate creation of a profile for new franchisees based on already-gathered information
  • Use DocuSign eSignature for end-to-end electronic contract workflow (optional)

Territory management

  • Track and manage the productivity of each territory
  • Support the restructure of territories (merging and splitting) as territories change over time
  • Manage territory definitions to support selling of new franchisees and allocation of new client opportunities

Compliance and agreement renewals

  • Ensure all compliance documents are disseminated on-time and in accordance with the Franchising Code of Conduct guidelines
  • Manage all cessation and renewals through structured activity lists
  • Automate generation of renewal agreements in a standardised PDF format
  • Print all notes, interactions, emails, management reviews and audits, identifying the who, what, when and where of all interactions with a franchisee over the course of an agreement


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Franchise Ops

Eliminate Waste, Error and Tedium using a Holistic Franchise Management System

The ultimate system of record for your franchise business

Influence factors that most contribute to sustained franchise growth

How Franchise Ops works

  • Empower Franchisees with a Complete end-to-end Business Management application
  • Automate Distribution of Customer Inquiries between Territories using Fine-tuned Configurable Business Rules
  • Retain Complete Oversight of all Franchisee Performance, Metrics & Customer Relationships
  • Provide Field Managers with the Tools to Elevate Franchisee Performance
  • Automate Regular Processes, Reminders & Insurances

Empower Franchisees

All the tools franchisees need to delight customers and streamline business management

  • Accept work on-the-go using web, email or SMS (SMS optional)
  • Establish a single view of each customer including all jobs, invoicing and payments
  • Match customer inquiries against existing customer profiles or create new ones at the click of a button
  • Plan and quote work using detailed job quotes based on labour and material estimates
  • Make and keep customer promises using a multi-resource job scheduling and planning calendar
  • Generate invoices at a touch of a button issuing full or part payment for work performed
  • Enable detailed financial analysis of jobs based on cost inputs to track financial performance
  • Probe all aspects of your business with detailed franchisee reports
  • Seamless two-way synchronisation of financial data with franchisee’s own Xero account

Automate Distribution of Customer Inquiries

Save labour and improve customer service using rule-based distribution of customer inquiries

  • Capture and automatically allocate incoming customer inquiries across the franchisee network
  • Use business rules to automatically deliver inquiries to franchisees
  • Exercise fine-grained control over how inquiries are distributed across the franchisee network, including
    • Franchisee owned and unowned territory rules
    • In-hours vs. out of hours inquiry processing
    • Franchisee preferences regarding availability and travel distance
    • Manage offer volume to customer inquiry targets
    • Offer jobs to franchisees sequentially or in parallel
    • Optionally offer jobs to franchisees one-at-a-time
  • Implement custom rules that balance between sales targets, work loading, availability, location and travel
  • Seamless exception handling
  • Save time and energy with duplicate matching rules
  • Distribute work using multiple channels (web, email, mobile or optionally SMS)

Equip Field Managers to Accelerate Franchisee Performance

Information transparency

  • Shared, up-to-date information provides 360 degree view of each franchisee’s business
  • Log all evaluations, advice, actions and plans for each franchisee in a single location
  • Record additional advertising, marketing and other expenses for inclusion on franchisee invoices
  • Keep your fingers on the pulse with comprehensive, ready-to-use business indicators, reports and dashboards

Franchisee on-boarding

  • Streamline franchisee onboarding using regular on-boarding steps and tasks
  • Record each activity, knowing who performed it and when

Customer service

  • Automate customer feedback and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Automate escalation of unattended customer service issues

Platform-based Mobile Communication using SMS Messaging

  • Distribute Customer Inquiries to franchisees via SMS for real time responses while on-the-go
  • Two-way SMS communications so on-the-go franchisees can instantly accept mobile job offers
  • Improve the quality of customer service by sending SMSs directly from Salesforce direct to the customer
  • Rapidly send frequently used messages to franchisees, employees and contractors directly from Salesforce


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Franchise Finance

Drastically reduce the amount of labour required to generate invoices while eliminating embarrassing errors, omissions and restatements

Save Time and Effort using Automated Invoice Runs

  • Read Fee Agreements from Digital Contracts
  • Capture all Non-Fee Expenses
  • Save Labour and Eliminate Errors through Automated Invoices Runs
  • Synchronise with External Accounting Software

Automate Your Finance Department

Automate Invoice Runs, Financial Management and Account Integration

Invoice Runs

  • Generate an invoice run at the touch of a button
  • Invoice run reads all franchise fees based on the franchisee agreement
  • Calculate fixed fees and royalties (based on job and point of sale data) in invoices
  • Automate inclusion of expenses into invoice runs
  • Generate PDF invoices to be sent to franchisees
  • Bulk send invoices at a touch of a button

Financial Management

  • Track and manage payment of invoices, fees and expenses
  • Issue and allocate credit notes

Integrate with Xero

Seamless two-way synchronisation of financial data with Xero


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