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Why Build a Brand-New Software System for Customer Relationship Management? Franchise Cloud Solutions Offers Programs to Suit Franchisors

When you possess a business founded on a strong concept and with growing success, franchising is often the key to unlocking explosive growth. It allows business owners to take a proven idea and share it with others, building towards bigger successes together. Your success in this arena also depends on gathering accurate data. Tracking performance, understanding shifts in the business, and seeking new opportunities are all necessary steps to take. To do so demands a customer relationship management system robust enough for the task. If you are looking for a franchise management system built by franchisors, you can rely on Franchise Cloud Solutions to offer a complete end-to-end, cloud-based software solution that helps to manage the most important aspects of your franchise.

Implementing our customer relationship management solutions

Our new solutions grew out of an organic need in a franchised business for a better way to manage relationships and foster productive cooperation. By placing all the most essential tasks in one easy-to-access cloud solution, our end-to-end customer relationship management program offers the following time-saving measures:

  • Lay out roadmaps with milestones for franchisees to follow
  • Maintain excellent records in one location that is easy to access from your phone or computer
  • Automatically monitor customer feedback
  • Centralised cloud-based data storage, management and analysis
  • Official Salesforce partner
  • Improve franchisee retention and recruitment
  • Improve transparency over all your franchisee operations

End-to-end solutions for even the busiest franchisors

We designed our software to replace existing systems with a program that empowers you to do less work while developing a better sense of the “big picture” regarding franchisee performance. With an automated system for collecting feedback, gathering performance information, and more, you won’t be the only party who sees the benefits. Franchisee satisfaction will also increase, as these improvements help to improve their workflows while delivering valuable information for future improvements. Whether feedback from customers comes from a call centre or a website response form, the information is ready to access at a moment’s notice.

Concentrating actual franchise management into one solution rather than many separate software solutions allows for an approach that harmonises both customer relationship management and financial operations. With this software already powering a large franchised operation in Australia, its proven abilities can become an essential part of your business as well.

Improving the Franchisor/Franchisee Relationship

Few things help to grow your business or maximise its money-making potential than opening a franchise. Why is it then that some franchise outlets thrive, while others dry up and end up closing shop? While there are many potential factors to consider, including business location and concept, it is important to remember that becoming a franchisor is not a golden ticket for success. To set yourself up for success as a franchisor, it is important to get your business formula right and to maintain a good relationship with your franchisees. You must understand what your unique role entails so that you can consistently provide meaningful guidance and support for your new franchisee partners.

Using a complete franchise relationship management solution allows you to negotiate the at-times uncertain middle ground between you as the franchisor and the franchisee. While you could try to develop a system for yourself, this could also cost you a small fortune in development expenses and ongoing maintenance costs. For many franchisors, it makes sense to use a complete, “out of the box” franchise business management system that has been tried and tested and is continually updated to meet compliance and changing market needs. With the right franchise management solution, you will have the potential to add far more value to your franchise relationships over the coming months and years than a simple franchise fee collection will provide.

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When you can easily review a franchisee’s performance at a glance, or simplify the process of funnelling new leads to their business, their business gains breathing room to grow. Let our services automate many of the time-consuming or confusing tasks that normally take up a franchisor’s time, then refocus your energy where it belongs: on building future growth.

Harness the power of the latest customer relationship management solutions to help improve the health of your franchised business. To further explore how the Franchise Cloud Solutions programs can assist your business, submit an online enquiry, book a demo or give our team a call on 1800 227 881.

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