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Are You Struggling with Managing Your Franchisees? Improve your Franchisee Management with Business Management Software Program Franchise Cloud Solutions

Before he helped develop business management program Franchise Cloud Solutions, Brendan Green was a franchisor himself. As the CEO of Hire a Hubby, Brendan saw firsthand many of the triumphs and trials of running a franchise business. On the one hand, he was able to build Hire a Hubby into Australia’s single largest handyman business, largely thanks to the popularity of his franchise. On the other hand, he discovered how difficult it could be to manage franchisees when they are scattered all over the country.

Franchise Cloud Solutions was built to streamline and simplify running a business franchise while simultaneously dodging some of the challenges. A true end-to-end business management solution, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers tools for everything from franchisee recruitment and onboarding to franchise billing. Built for franchisors by franchisors, these tools are a must for any business thinking about going the franchise route.

How Franchise Cloud Solutions Can Help You Manage Your Franchisees

If you are thinking about building a franchise and want to know about franchisee management, Franchise Cloud Solutions is a good place to start. Here are a few of the benefits that our software can deliver:

  • Territory Management: If you are building your business into a franchise, you are probably doing so at least in part because you want to expand the geographical reach of your brand. At first, it can seem like any expansion is good. But as your business continues to grow and you continue to recruit more franchisees, territory can be one of your key challenges. You want to make sure you are covering a lot of territories, but you also don’t want your franchises to be cutting into one another’s business. The business management software from Franchise Cloud Solutions includes features to make territory management—including merging, splitting, and restructuring—at lot easier.
  • Communication and Management: How do you communicate with your franchisees? If the answer is phone or email, the chances are that strategy is unsustainable. Keeping track of communication threads with dozens or hundreds of franchisees is no easy task. Our business management solutions at least make it a little easier, providing tools for a range of different functions. For instance, with Franchise Cloud Solutions, you can schedule times to touch base (including reviews, meetings and franchisee visits), keep an eye on franchisee jobs and projects and monitor customer feedback.
  • Billing: Franchisee billing can be a big hassle, because of the way fees and franchisor royalties work. Franchise Cloud Solutions cuts to the core of these financial obligations, automating everything so that it’s easier for franchisors and franchisees alike.

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