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Improve your Franchisee Management with Business Management Software

Before he helped develop business management program Franchise Cloud Solutions, Brendan Green was a franchisor himself. As the CEO of Hire a Hubby, Brendan saw firsthand many of the triumphs and trials of running a franchise business. On the one hand, he was able to build Hire a Hubby into Australia’s single largest handyman business, largely thanks to the popularity of his franchise. On the other hand, he discovered how difficult it could be to manage franchisees when they are scattered all over the country.

Franchise Cloud Solutions was built to streamline and simplify running a business franchise while simultaneously dodging some of the challenges. A true end-to-end business management solution, Franchise Cloud Solutions offers tools for everything from franchisee recruitment and onboarding to franchise billing. Built for franchisors by franchisors, these tools are a must for any business thinking about going the franchise route.

How Franchise Cloud Solutions Can Help You Manage Your Franchisees

If you are thinking about building a franchise and want to know about franchisee management, Franchise Cloud Solutions is a good place to start. Here are a few of the benefits that our software can deliver:

  • Territory Management: If you are building your business into a franchise, you are probably doing so at least in part because you want to expand the geographical reach of your brand. At first, it can seem like any expansion is good. But as your business continues to grow and you continue to recruit more franchisees, territory can be one of your key challenges. You want to make sure you are covering a lot of territories, but you also don’t want your franchises to be cutting into one another’s business. The business management software from Franchise Cloud Solutions includes features to make territory management—including merging, splitting, and restructuring—at lot easier.
  • Communication and Management: How do you communicate with your franchisees? If the answer is phone or email, the chances are that strategy is unsustainable. Keeping track of communication threads with dozens or hundreds of franchisees is no easy task. Our business management solutions at least make it a little easier, providing tools for a range of different functions. For instance, with Franchise Cloud Solutions, you can schedule times to touch base (including reviews, meetings and franchisee visits), keep an eye on franchisee jobs and projects and monitor customer feedback.
  • Billing: Franchisee billing can be a big hassle, because of the way fees and franchisor royalties work. Franchise Cloud Solutions cuts to the core of these financial obligations, automating everything so that it’s easier for franchisors and franchisees alike.

Your All-inclusive Cloud-based Software System

No two franchises are ever the same—which makes it difficult for emerging franchisors when they try to expand their business. Recruiting new franchisees is challenging. After many ups and downs, once you have the right candidate and signed the contract, then remains the challenge of providing training, servicing customers, and managing many more franchise operations.

You cannot do everything yourself and be in a dozen places all at once. Your time is precious. The right system should be your ally in saving time and making life easier, but for many franchisors with a variety of software programs in place that’s not always the case.

Cloud Business Management Software

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we were once confronted with such questions and problems as well. Just like you, we once started a franchise business, uncertain which actions to take, which tools to use. Franchise Cloud Solutions was launched by Brendan Green, CEO of successful franchise Hire a Hubby. Now, we have looked back on our 20 years of experience, and developed a comprehensive cloud-based end-to-end software system which is developed specifically for franchise businesses. Our extensive know-how will make your franchise endeavour successful. You can rely on our “developed by franchisors, for franchisors” cloud business management software to assist you through every stage of your franchise business.

Contacts and Customers

Every franchisee can log in to the cloud-based software system to enter or retrieve any necessary information. You will find our cloud contact management software as part of our all-in-one software system is excellent for coordinating recruitment, training, and job tracking. We’ll gladly help you to set up and configure your cloud contact management system.

You can use Franchise Cloud Solutions for:

  • Collecting customer feedback
  • Tracking prospects
  • Analysing data
  • Reporting sales data.

You will conclude that our cloud customer management software is state of the art, yet an uncomplicated system that anyone can quickly master. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Instead of having – and paying for – numerous applications of which many functions overlap, you can count on exactly one software system from now on. No longer will you need to worry about a trying to remember which data is the most up-to-date in a document or spreadsheet; you’ll always know for sure. With no data escaping your attention anymore and with full reporting capability, you will have better transparency over all operations.

Service Management Software from Franchise Cloud Solutions

The advantages of franchising your business are pronounced and plentiful. Being a franchisor opens the door to huge expansion opportunities for your business, provides a quick way to build your brand, delivers considerable royalties and improves your purchasing power—among other things. If there is a drawback to franchising, it’s that you must let go of the wheel and surrender some of the control over your brand. Luckily, with a good service management system in place, you can maintain oversight of your franchisees without micromanaging them.

Your Source for New Service Management Software

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we recognise that transparency is a franchisor’s best friend. Long before we were building franchise service management solution, we were franchisors ourselves. We’ve seen firsthand how communication and oversight can foster strong franchisor/franchisee relationships. However, we also know that transparency isn’t always easy to attain—especially without taking away the freedom and ownership that often fuel the most successful franchisees.

We designed our service management program with these thoughts in mind. We wanted to build something that made life easier for both franchisors and franchisees. Franchisor software is often useful for one party, but a hassle to the other. We wanted something that would be a boon for the business people on both sides of the equation. The Franchise Cloud Solutions Franchisee Job Management System was built as a result of this drive to create a mutually beneficial piece of service management software.

On the one hand, this program makes it incredibly easy for franchisees to track all interactions with customers—including jobs, quotes, estimates, calendar scheduling, invoices, communications and more. Having all this information in one place makes it much easier for franchisees to manage relationships with customers and clients. In turn, this improved customer relationship management helps turn first-time buyers into repeat customers—something that benefits franchisees and franchisors alike.

On the other hand, the program provides a place in the cloud where franchisors can easily review the goings-on of various franchisees. If you are a franchisor, you can use this service management system to see how your franchisees are doing. You can monitor scheduling, stay up to date on recent projects and invoices, track financial performance and more. This transparency gives you more assurance and peace of mind that your franchisees are doing well and are positive representatives for your brand. If they aren’t, you at least know when it’s time to step in.

Manage Your Franchisees without Micromanagement

Most franchisees don’t mind being transparent about their performance. What they don’t like is being micromanaged by their franchisors. A franchisee likes to feel in control. The reason franchise businesses work is that franchisees feel pride and ownership in their businesses. When the franchisor starts micromanaging, those positive feelings of independence drift away—to the detriment of the whole franchise.

With a service management program from Franchise Cloud Solutions, franchisors can manage their franchisees without micromanaging. The result is a trend towards stronger franchisor-franchisee relationships, which help create success in every other part of the business.

Recruit Franchisees to Your Business with Powerful Cloud Management Software

Building a franchise is no easy task. How do you recruit potential franchisees? How do you screen them, qualify them, and nurture them to turn interest into action? How do you handle the legal and compliance side of things without inadvertently drowning yourself in paperwork?

What if the answer to all these questions—and many more—was as simple as adopting the right cloud management software? With Franchise Cloud Solutions, it is. Our end-to-end cloud-based software provides many useful tools that franchisors can implement to build bigger and more powerful franchises.

Our Franchisee Recruitment Capabilities

If you are worried about the franchisee recruitment process, Franchise Cloud Solutions can take those fears and banish them. The problem with franchisee recruitment is often that emerging franchisors don’t know where to start. They don’t have a lot of experience in this area—not many people do—and there aren’t a lot of resources available to help.

With Franchise Cloud Solutions, we simplified matters by viewing the franchisee recruitment process as a conversion pipeline. Our cloud management solutions treat recruiting the same way other programs treat lead generation and nurturing. For instance, our system starts by capturing franchisee leads from your website, your call centre or other sources. It then qualifies leads, identifies the ones with the highest potential and then starts tracking them.

Think about the questions you have for a potential franchisee operator. You probably want to know about their timeframe, their financial capabilities, their territory preferences, and their revenue expectations—among other things. Our cloud management system captures these details and more, making it much easier to move potential franchisees through the pipeline and towards a signed agreement.

Speaking of signed agreements, our cloud management software even helps with the paperwork side of things. No more tedious data entry from franchisee agreements and other forms; our software captures those details and stores them in the system. No more worrying about whether you sent the right forms to the right people; our software automatically generates the necessary paperwork for every franchisee. No more worrying about figuring out how you will manage your franchisees; our software creates a profile for each franchisee and stores all their contracts, agreements and paperwork in one place.

Using Our Cloud Management Solutions for Future Franchisee Management

While recruiting is a big part of what our software helps you do, Franchise Cloud Solutions is more than just a franchisee recruitment program. After all, recruitment is just the first step on a much larger journey. Our software recognises it as such, providing tools for future franchisee management. Onboarding, training, franchisee agreement renewals, performance, customer feedback, billing, job allocation, project management, CRM: you can handle all these processes and more through Franchise Cloud Solutions.

Contact Management Software Program for Franchises

When you have a great franchise concept, you want to get it in front of as many possible franchisees as possible. You need contact management software that will help you gather these contacts and follow them up as soon as possible. You could try to build your own contact management system to do this, but that’s expensive and time-consuming. What you need is a contact management program that you can use immediately and will give you the results you desire. When you’re looking for contact management solutions for your franchise, you should contact Franchise Cloud Solutions.

We provide an out-of-the-box end-to-end solution for all your franchising needs and concerns. Our programs were developed by franchisors for franchisors. We know what your concerns are and what you need to make your business successful. Developed by Brendan Green, known for the Hire A Hubby franchise, our system is cost-conscious and built on industry-leading cloud software Salesforce. It’s a solution that you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere. Our software can help you recruit and retain your franchisees, gives you a clearer view of their operations and reduces the complexity of franchisee compliance.

Easy to Use Contact Management Solutions

Once your franchise system is up and running, there are several essential steps to ensure long-term success. The ongoing support of your franchisees is critical. Their success is ultimately your success. It’s a cliché to say relationships are important but this is especially true in this industry. When you have stable relationships with your franchisees, you help them prosper, and that creates successful long-term operations. It also allows you time to look for new franchisees. Don’t make the mistake of seeing your franchisees as cash cows only. It’s a sure-fire recipe for failure. Pay attention to the small details of your connections.

Ask for feedback and suggestions. Act on the good ideas. This practice keeps your operation from being a one-hit wonder and creates a dynamic source to help the business thrive. Creativity is your greatest ally in retaining franchisees. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. When you’re sending your franchisees a constant stream of new ideas and innovative ways to run their operations you help them achieve a greater degree of profitability, which helps you as well.

How to Improve your Contact Management

When you use our contact management software, it is a step forward towards the effective management of your system for finding franchisees. Our software solution can replace all your old and inefficient systems with one program. The good news is that you can still connect to any older system that has information that’s important to your operation.

Streamline Your Business with a Custom Management Software System

When you run and operate a franchise, the keyword for success is growth. However, in today’s competitive market, optimising your business’s growth can be challenging without taking advantage of the latest business solutions and software. For a custom management system that allows you to streamline your business’s operations so you can maximise your growth, Franchise Cloud Solutions provides you with simple, out-of-the-box yet fully customisable software that gives you the insights and transparency you need to succeed.

You must build a successful business upon positive relationships. As a franchisor, this includes your relationships both with your franchisees and end-customers. Your ability to form and maintain these relationships through your management system can either make or break your franchise’s growth potential, which is why so many franchisors rely on customised systems to give them the edge they need.

Franchise Cloud Solutions offers an innovative and fresh approach to franchisor custom management software. Using our over 20 years of experience in franchising, we have developed systems easily tailored to your business’ specific needs. We handle all aspects of franchise and customer relationship management, allowing you to spend more time focused on your business’ growth and improving your franchisee relationships.

As our name suggests, Franchise Cloud Solutions leverages cloud-based software that is accessible on all devices, complete with real-time reporting and updates. When you allow us to develop a custom management system for your business, you will receive a single source for data, account integration and benchmarking capability far more efficiently than relying on multiple systems or apps to do the job.

Running and growing a successful franchise is complicated enough. Why not simplify your operations with custom management software from Franchise Cloud Solutions? Contact us today to get started with your demo.

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