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Recruit Franchisees to Your Business with Powerful Cloud Management Software from Franchise Cloud Solutions

Building a franchise is no easy task. How do you recruit potential franchisees? How do you screen them, qualify them, and nurture them to turn interest into action? How do you handle the legal and compliance side of things without inadvertently drowning yourself in paperwork?

What if the answer to all these questions—and many more—was as simple as adopting the right cloud management software? With Franchise Cloud Solutions, it is. Our end-to-end cloud-based software provides many useful tools that franchisors can implement to build bigger and more powerful franchises.

Our Franchisee Recruitment Capabilities

If you are worried about the franchisee recruitment process, Franchise Cloud Solutions can take those fears and banish them. The problem with franchisee recruitment is often that emerging franchisors don’t know where to start. They don’t have a lot of experience in this area—not many people do—and there aren’t a lot of resources available to help.

With Franchise Cloud Solutions, we simplified matters by viewing the franchisee recruitment process as a conversion pipeline. Our cloud management solutions treat recruiting the same way other programs treat lead generation and nurturing. For instance, our system starts by capturing franchisee leads from your website, your call centre or other sources. It then qualifies leads, identifies the ones with the highest potential and then starts tracking them.

Think about the questions you have for a potential franchisee operator. You probably want to know about their timeframe, their financial capabilities, their territory preferences, and their revenue expectations—among other things. Our cloud management system captures these details and more, making it much easier to move potential franchisees through the pipeline and towards a signed agreement.

Speaking of signed agreements, our cloud management software even helps with the paperwork side of things. No more tedious data entry from franchisee agreements and other forms; our software captures those details and stores them in the system. No more worrying about whether you sent the right forms to the right people; our software automatically generates the necessary paperwork for every franchisee. No more worrying about figuring out how you will manage your franchisees; our software creates a profile for each franchisee and stores all their contracts, agreements and paperwork in one place.

Using Our Cloud Management Solutions for Future Franchisee Management

While recruiting is a big part of what our software helps you do, Franchise Cloud Solutions is more than just a franchisee recruitment program. After all, recruitment is just the first step on a much larger journey. Our software recognises it as such, providing tools for future franchisee management. Onboarding, training, franchisee agreement renewals, performance, customer feedback, billing, job allocation, project management, CRM: you can handle all these processes and more through Franchise Cloud Solutions.

A franchise is a big machine; it needs a sophisticated system to keep all the moving parts working together. With Franchise Cloud Solutions, franchisors everywhere finally have the solution they need. To learn more about our cloud management system and all the things it can do, contact us or call 1800 227 881 today.

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