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Redefine Your Approach to Franchise Management with a Software System Built for Your Needs

Operating a franchise business as the principal franchisor is a good feeling — it means that not only have you been able to achieve success with a solid business model of your own, but you’ve also passed that opportunity on to other entrepreneurs. This type of activity is a vital part of the economic engine driving Australia’s commerce, and a franchised business that functions well grows in both reputation and size. Now that you’ve entered the world of franchising, however, you must stay on top of the complex challenges that make up successful franchise management. That includes not only maintaining good relationships with current investors and franchisees but looking for new opportunities as well. From recruitment to onboarding and performance monitoring, there is much to accomplish.

Franchise Cloud Solutions, an official Salesforce partner, is proud to offer franchise business owners like you the opportunity to take full control of every part of your franchise management with software built for the task. This cloud-based system provides a direct and easy way to manage all aspects of individual franchises while gathering data, creating reports, and providing you with a powerful dashboard for effective management. Take a moment to consider the specific benefits afforded to your business with a system like this and what it is like to partner with the Franchise Cloud Solutions team.

Franchise Management Centralised and Simplified

Consider the convenience inherent in a franchise management system that puts everything from financial information to customer feedback at your fingertips. Not only do daily operations become less confusing to follow, but it is also simpler to structure long-term plans. With a more accurate look at the state of the business and a centralised method for tracking franchisee performance and compliance, better results become attainable.

Based on the experience of founder Brendan Green in his role as CEO of the Hire a Hubby franchise, this software considers the real-world demands faced by those in the franchising industry. Our services also include a consulting review of your current processes, to see where improvements are most necessary and to extend Franchise Cloud Solutions’ system to meet your requirements. With our ability to leverage Salesforce to meet these extensive custom needs, a tailored software system that brings your business fully into the age of cloud computing is readily available.

Explore More with Franchise Cloud Solutions

Grow your role as a job creator in the Australian economy while gaining the tools necessary to improve your own internal processes and increase satisfaction among your customers. At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we understand that every business faces unique challenges and conditions. As a Salesforce partner and with a background in this sector, we can extend software solutions to match the real-world demands faced by your franchise. Whether you require additional tools for territory management or highly-detailed sales tracking, let us know what solutions you need. Reach out through our online form to request more detailed information.

Franchise Systems that Work

A few years ago, you were still a budding entrepreneur. Like many other businesses, yours started with a “crazy idea”. You saw the opportunities when they presented themselves and put your ideas into concrete form. Now your business is thriving, and you’ve made your first steps to expand. Franchising was the right solution for you; you have no doubts about this. However, more locations and franchisees involve more complex tasks. Quick and clear communication becomes mandatory. You get the feeling that you should know everything, be everywhere at the same time and always be able to produce any important business data like a magician, with a snap of the fingers.

You started small and used a suite of other tools as your franchise administration system, but it rapidly becomes clear that this won’t do anymore. You’ve searched the Internet for franchise systems, but they seem either expensive, complicated, or insufficient. Who built them anyway? What do technology companies know about franchising?

What you Need to Know

At Franchise Cloud Solutions, we offer an end-to-end cloud-based franchise software solution to meet all your needs, built by franchisors for franchisors. Through Brendan Green, the CEO of franchisor Hire A Hubby, we have acquired more than 20 years of experience in franchising. We are an official Salesforce consulting partner, so you can rest assured that we possess all the necessary technical know-how to make your franchise program work.

Even if your company is still small, you may find us of invaluable worth. We’ll be by your side at every stage of your business, from the recruitment of franchisees, to job management, to customer satisfaction.

One True Source of Data

Are you battling endless data issues? Do you have data on multiple spreadsheets, saved on your hard drive, with so many versions that you’re tempted to start everything anew? Are you finding it difficult to process and report on that data? Centralising all your data in one cloud location in an efficient franchise program with enhanced reporting capability is the solution.

Wherever you are, no matter what time of the day, with our cloud-based franchise solution, you’ll have access to all the data you require. All you need is a laptop computer or tablet with mobile internet access or Wi-Fi.

To further explore how our franchise system can assist your business, submit an online enquiry or contact us.

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