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Choosing a Program to Handle Franchise Relationship Management: Stay on Top of Business with a New and Robust Software System

Data is the lifeblood of the modern business world. Every day, tonnes of digital information streams through your business, and with the right tools in place, you can gather all kinds of valuable facts, statistics, and reports. All of this information is important in some way especially when it comes to gauging the health and direction of the company. Gathering good data is especially important for franchisors, who must ensure that franchisees comply with the terms of their agreement while putting out products or services in which every participant can take pride. From gathering information required for your own reporting needs to ensuring franchisees are happy, there are many processes to manage.

With robust relationship management software in place, this process becomes remarkably more straightforward. Rather than relying on a wide variety of manual processes, or using disconnected software solutions, why not centralise everything in one place? That is exactly the idea behind our work at Franchise Cloud Solutions. Founded by Brendan Green, CEO of Hire a Hubby and a franchisor himself, this end-to-end and entirely cloud-based relationship management program offers an opportunity to overhaul your processes. What are some of the core benefits available to businesses who make the switch to this new and innovative approach to franchise management?

End-to-end solutions for even the busiest franchisors

We designed our software to replace existing systems with a program that empowers you to do less work while developing a better sense of the “big picture” regarding franchisee performance. With an automated system for collecting feedback, gathering performance information, and more, you won’t be the only party who sees the benefits. Franchisee satisfaction will also increase, as these improvements help to improve their workflows while delivering valuable information for future improvements. Whether feedback from customers comes from a call centre or a website response form, the information is ready to access at a moment’s notice.

Concentrating actual franchise management into one solution rather than many separate software solutions allows for an approach that harmonises both customer relationship management and financial operations. With this software already powering a large franchised operation in Australia, its proven abilities can become an essential part of your business as well.

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From Brendan Green’s initial vision of a better way to manage the Hire a Hubby franchise system to the maturation of our management software, franchisor convenience and empowerment have been at the core of our philosophy. When you no longer need to devote time and energy to manual processes, you are free to work harder in other areas of the business.

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