How Hire A Hubby achieved 15 new Franchise recruits from leads older than 12 months

In the last twelve months, a full 15 of Hire a Hubby’s 45 new franchisees came from leads who first inquired more than 12 months ago. This demonstrates an ability to get up to 30% greater value out of any lead-generation campaign.

Franchise Cloud Solutions have packaged both the ‘know-how’ and the ‘how-to’ so that all clients can similarly benefit.

National Recruitment Director for Hire a Hubby, Manuel Spiteri, tells us how Hire a Hubby developed this approach. “During the 15 years I’ve been recruiting for Hire a Hubby, I’ve noticed that many excellent inquirers are sold on the Hire a Hubby franchise concept, but then realise that the timing isn’t quite right for them or their family. Years later, many of these candidates approached us to talk further. It turns out that things have changed in their life, and they are now ready to commit to the self-employment journey.”

Spiteri continued, “We had to find a reliable way to trigger these discussions. So we turned to our CRM program.”

Hire A Hubby have been big promoters of the benefits of a strong CRM for many years. Spiteri said, “We started sending semi-regular newsletters to our database. Not too often, but often enough. We would highlight the achievements of the franchisees or provide updates on the brand in general, and each time we sent an EDM, it re-birthed a series of old leads.”

This approach has grown into a mature 12-month EDM Content Calendar. The calendar uses a proven formula which last year generated 30% of the FY 18 recruitment result. “Adding another 15 quality franchisees to our team, who we had previously met and screened, has strongly contributed to the increase in the brand’s collective performance,” Spiteri added.

To ensure Franchise Cloud Solutions customers can benefit from this approach, FCS are offering all new and existing customers of the FCS CRM free Content Strategy Consulting and free EDM Setup and Training. This gives our customers both the ‘know-how’ and and the ‘how-to’ to benefit from this approach.

FCS Managing Director, Brendan Green, elaborates. “Recruitment is proving tough across the franchise sector. Using every tool at our disposal to continue to drive growth has never been more important. That’s why we’re working so closely with our clients to help improve their performance.”

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