We look forward to seeing you at NFC 2019

Once again, Franchise Cloud Solutions will be exhibiting at the National Franchise Convention. We’ll be demonstrating our existing product offerings and unveiling an exciting new one.

As we did last year, we have the pleasure of demonstrating our pillar products.

Franchise Recruiter is helping recruitment teams around the country exceed their targets. In the last year clients have thrown away spreadsheets and migrated from competing systems in order to accelerate their recruitment performance. Having access to leads anywhere, anytime, really helps close those ideal deals more quickly. Reminder tasks and easy-to-read dashboards are just some of the features our customers are enjoying!

The ability to distinguish marketing performance from recruitment performance is a win. But possibly the greatest attraction has been effortless compliance management.

Head Office Operations provides end-to-end capabilities for managing franchisee relationships. Field Managers have been throwing away their spreadsheets and Trello boards and are flocking to the built-in communications, task management, process automation, audits and training features. Finance Managers are saving literally dozens of hours each month by using automated billing management. 

The ability to monitor operational results in real-time right across the franchisee network is a huge win. Knowing that all the important emails and phone calls are permanently logged into a central system creates peace of mind. And never has it been more important to be on top of compliance.

Mobile Services Business Management offers franchisees end-to-end business management for those operating in the trades and mobile services sector. Franchisees are able to communicate, quote, schedule, invoice (from both desktop or mobile devices). Franchisees can also optionally sync financial data with the leading online accounting software Xero.

All packages come with a rich set of existing reports and dashboards while technically proficient managers are able to create their own.

One of the many real-time dashboards helping franchise entrepreneurs make better and more timely decisions

In the year just past, we have invested heavily in both product and service offerings. We launched a complete set of how-to videos with step-by-step instructions aimed at first-time users. We support new implementations with focused online training sessions and have launched a customer service portal to ensure every client maximises productivity out of the gate. 

We’ve been blown away by the warm reception our offerings have had in the marketplace. Do come by our booth to see us demonstrate our existing products together with our newest offering, Franchise Partner Portal.

Franchise Partner Portal

Learning Management – Safety Quiz

Franchise Partner Portal is providing an end-to-end franchise-centric communications platform to support:

  • Action Management
  • Online Learning
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Intranet with Controlled Document Distribution 

We’re tremendously excited about the Partner Portal as it will help franchisors and franchisees maximise learning and improve overall competitiveness.

Franchise Partner Portal will allow all franchisees to be brought onto the system at a very reasonable cost, while all functions in the Partner Portal are secure and centrally-controlled.

Stay tuned for more news on the capabilities we’re bringing to market. We look forward to seeing you at NFC 2019.

For more information on Franchise Cloud Solutions visit www.franchisecloudsolutions.com or call 1800 227 881.